Ivan Gracner


Born in 1975 in Serbia, Ivan Gracner graduated in 2010 with a master’s degree in sculpture from the University of Arts in Belgrade. Since 2002, he took part in over 100 exhibitions in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Greece, Montenegro, Austria and Serbia.


  • 2002 Serbian Congress Award
  • 2003 Special Award for Culture, Trstenik
  • 2005 Prix Special, Salon SNBA Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
  • 2007 Annual Award, ULUPDS Serbian Artists Association
  • 2007 Badge, ULUPUDS May Exhibition
  • 2012 Annual Award, ULUS Serbian Artists Association
  • 2013 Golden Chisel, ULUS Spring Exhibition

The Work

Ivan Gracner is a phenomenal artist and a real hero. In his studio, which he and his wife have turned into a paradise of sculptures and paintings, one will immediately be fascinated by the two kindred souls inspiring each other.

The first question arising after seeing their work is ‘which museum owns them?’

After enjoying the couple’s hospitality one is invited to see the place where Ivan is producing his sculptures…. It is hard to believe that such a derelict place still exists in the 21st century, in a building in the capital city of a pretty big country. It was one hell of a place, with tiny rooms, smashed windows and walls with holes one can see through to the outside.  No toilet, no water.

Given these circumstances, Ivan’s sculptures look even more remarkable. Each one of his works is made of one piece of wood, from a few centimeters to a few meters in size, witnesses to the unlimited energy and vigour Ivan Gracner exudes.

Investment recommendation

Considering the creative path, the process and the circumstances of the creation, the work is being sold at a bargain price. One will not only purchase a reasonably priced,  impressive work of art, but also contribute to the further artistic development of an incredibly talented artist.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2003 National Museum, Trstenik
  • 2006 SULUJ Gallery (Artists Association) Belgrade
  • 2006 Cité Des Arts, Paris
  • 2008 Contemporary Gallery at City University, Belgrade
  • 2010 Gallery Otklon, Belgrade
  • 2013 Progres Gallery, Belgrade
  • 2013 ULUS Gallery, Belgrade

Sculptures In Public Spaces

  • 2003 Memorial of the Warriors, Trstenik
  • 2005 Burden, Banjaluka
  • 2007 Body Impulse, Trstenik
  • 2010 Iron Wolf, Trstenik
  • 2011 Beam, Loznica
  • 2011 Throne, Prijepolje
  • 2012 Zvezdara Memorial, Belgrade
  • 2012 Life Verticals, Belgrade