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  • Jürgen Norbert Fux

    Jürgen Norbert Fux

    About the artist

    Juergen Norbert Fux was born in 1975 in Anif, close to the city of Salzburg. He currently lives there as well as in Miami, USA. The centre of his artistic work is the portrait photography. Printed onto glass- plastic substrates, onto hides and skins which are either framed or supported by steel and stainless steel – those materials create a complex, three-dimensional photo-object.

    Inspired by his previous profession as a butcher, the artist Juergen Fux aims to focus within his art to build a connection between humans and animals. Doing so, using his passion for portrait photography printed on glass, cowhides and furs. This interplay allows the Austrian artist to constantly employ his creativity within his works of art and this way, he keeps pace with his view, which disarms us. In order to leave us in a position of being passively confronted by his chosen topics, the artist motivates us to look at the entire picture and altercate with the meaning of what’s beneath it.

    The photographs are not only pictures. For him the pure imitation of a portrait is not interesting. His aim is to break up the surface and show what’s underneath. This process is just as exciting and complex as the final product of his art. Within his art, the photographed person itself is not the main actor in the picture. He omits superficialities such as appearance or a contrived smile. Juergen Fux goes deep into the human soul and wants to show it to the viewer. The face is only a projection. Emotions are the real focus point in his works, which is based on an animal skin.

    The "action" a different part of his artistic work, Fux sees it as a Metapher  for the theme of "man and beast", or even for burning  issues. These, often spontaneous Performances are not to be thought away from the art of Fux. Rather, they are an expression of his conscious political and socio-critical attitude. Fux himself is always a part of the bustling Salzburger Society, so he takes people and their behavior, or social events, (and it does not always love states)  with its action art on the grain.

    Jürgen Norbert Fux in the Media

    Jürgen Fux has sought from the beginning his own personal artistic path.

    For him, as autodidact, categories or locations of the established art were long and uninteresting. What mattered to him was successful, and soon became in spectacular sales success and great public acclaim. His allies are always the media who supported the authentic artist from the beginning and accompany his work to date carefully. In particular, his "Actions" are accompanied by a constant storm of print media.

    Media reports show steady increase in reports on last 30-50 posts per year. Radio and television reports included. The high point of reaching the media hype is a detailed portrait of the artist of the ORF in 2012.

    Fux´ Actions


    „Hubschraubääär“, „Hubschraubääär“, Protestaction Mozartplatz Salzburg against Kontrakom


    Wild culinary night in Grödig –

    Live Burning BMW 7er, Kavaliershaus


    Live Burning Instec, St. Wolfgang

    Zyklus „12 Apostel“

    „Festspieljäger“ – exhibition

    wild culinary night, Grödig

    Live Burning „12 Apostel“, Kavaliershaus Salzburg


    „Festspielausstellung“ Kavaliershaus (mit 10 Kühen und 500 Gästen),

    wild culinary night Grödig


    „Fux und Henn“ within the Miele Galllery, Salzburg

    „Soizburger Stierwascher 2011“

    wild culinary night, Grödig


    Live Burning Air Challenge, St. Wolfgang

    wild culinary night, Grödig


    Live Burning 50 Jahre Flachau

    „Der Mensch“ Art project within the Zoo in Salzburg ( 29 Aug. – 5.Sep 2013 )

    Fux´ Projects


    Cultural ambassador for the application of Salzburg for the winter olympic games 2014


    Cultural ambassador for Austria for the Olympic games in Peking.

    Furnishing the 5* Iris Porsche Hotel in Mondsee

    Furnishing Event Resort „Scaleria“, St. Wolfgang


    Fotoshooting with Ben Becker and the „Huber Buam“

    Presentation of the Airbrush helmets of the olympic champions and

    medal-winners Felix Gottwald,  Michael Gruber ( Nordische Kombination ),

    Reinfried Herbst ( Ski Alpin )


    Präsentation from the short movie „Kuhzifux“

    Präsentation of the Red Bull  Champions trophy Weltmeisterpokal „Airrace“,

    Abu Dhabi

    Furnishing of the HDW, Salzburg

    Präsentation of the Red Bull „Airrace“ Trophy in  New York

    Photoshoot with Lindsay Vonn und Benny Raich auf Kuhhaut

    Furnishing the Life Style Hospitality venue „Lisa Alm“, Flachau


    Photoshoots with  15 Olympic winners from Salzburg

    Furnishing the Hotel „Harakiri“, Zillertal

    Furnishing the Venue„Purzelbaum“, Flachau


    Workcatalogue „DA FUX WERKT“

    Artistportrait within the austrian TV (ORF)

    Furnishing the bank Jungholz, St. Gallen with his artwork.

    Presentation of „bus of the year“

    Presentation of the BMW artcalendar in 2013, Frankfurt


    Sieger Pokale FIS Ski Weltcup der Damen, Flachau


    ARTenschutz art project ( 7 days and 7 nights within a cage )


    Creating the winning trophy for the FIS Ski Weltcup Women in Flachau

    Fux´ Ausstellungen


    Schloss Rif, Salzburg


    Gusswerk, Salzburg

    Kunst Pavillon, Kasern

    Zoo, Anif


    Olympiaexhibition, Waldbad Anif

    Hofburg, Vienna

    Zoos, Anif


    Bauarche, Bischofswiesen

    Gusswerk, Salzburg


    Zoos, Anif


    Nacht der Kaiser, Bad Ischl

    Snow Mobile, Saalbach


    Bayerischer Landtag, München

    Poloclub, St. Tropez

    Amedia art hotel, Salzburg

    Hotel Resort Interconti, Berchtesgaden

    Art Fair, Köln

    BMW Pavillon, Munich


    Solo Exhibition in Munich

    Solo Exhibition in Mallorca, Spain

    St. Johann ( Pongau / Sbg )

    Museum exhibition in Kempten ( Allgäu )

    Solo Exhibition in London

    Red Dot ART Fair Miami

    „Square cut Miami“ Anif

    Art exhibtion in Los Angeles, USA

    „Jazz Zyklus 2010“ Jazztage Kempten ( Allgäu )

    ART Monaco

    Fort Lauderdale – „Lether skin“

    Art Basel Hong Kong


    Velvenoir Gallery Exhibition – Salzburg

    Vernissage in Vienna, Gallery  „Die Schöne“

    Exhibition in the traditional art centre - Bachschmiede Wals/Siezenheim

    Pappas Horse Indoors exhibtion, presentation and launch of  Leather Art

    Red ART Miami

    Fux´ Modelle:

    Portrait Artist are:

    Anna Netrebko, Marylin Manson, Ben Becker, etc.

    Portrait Sport Icons are:

    Franz Klammer, Huber Buam, Felix Gottwald, Benny Raich, Manuela Rieger, Trixi Schuba, Thomas Geierspichler, Reinfried Herbst, Lupo Paischer, Ingrid Rumpfhuber, Roman Hagara, Georg Hackl, Werner Schlager, Hans Grugger, Mathias Lanzinger, Anna Friesinger, Phillip

    Schörghofer, Wolfgang Loitzl, Michael Gruber,  etc.

    Fux’ neueste Kunstwerke

    “Leather-art” the concept behind telling you more than just a story …

    Leatherart is a unique and exclusive concept, created by the artist Juergen Fux. Every “Leatherart” is one of a kind.  Its foundation is based on a horse or cowhide. The artist works with exclusive horse and cow owners. This allows the artist to control the entire process and certification. Juergen Fux is the only one, who is actually able to get such a unique and exclusive work of art done. The artist, due to his previous experience as a butcher and as an artist,  has the required Know-How since it is essential for the creation of such a remarkable piece of art. Fux offers his clients an exclusive service, which allows reserving a number or specific horses/cows that will be used after the animal dies naturally. The artist is specialised as well as open to discuss a tailored artwork for his client’s needs. This entire concept is all about the uniqueness of it – every cow/horsehide is numbered by the artist himself and gains on value automatically when one hide was sold.

    The Austrian artist experiments constantly with different portraits on the cow/horse hide, and has a series of portraits that are specifically used for those artworks. Every “Leatherart” tells a story thanks to those unique portraits made by Fux.

  • Marco Pellanda

    Marco Pellanda


    Swiss photographer

    Born 1954


    A block board is plastered with multiple layers of gypsum, silvered or gilded with Gesso Artistico and made visible through a spray pressure process. It is the realization of daguerreotype on today’s modern media. The resulting effect on the pictures is a diversified modulation and plasticity, which enacts with natural light incidence.

    The Work

    Marco Pellanda’ top-notch photographic art is unique in more ways than one.  After years of research he has developed,  perfected and mastered a personal  printing method and technique that give his work a quality impossible to imitate. He is using a special material for the ground, with a metallic, silver or gold base. A particular material is used for the substrate, which will be elaborately treated on a gold or silver basis as a preparation for the extraordinary visualization process of the photo.

    His perfectly lit, mostly large scale compositions are based on the Golden Ratio, and cover a wide variety of themes, from landscapes, still lives  and portraits to politically engaged work.

    Marco Pellanda’s signature feel and and look are easy to recognize in all his work which stands proof not only for a high caliber talent but also for perfect craftsmanship.

    For those wanting portraits it is recommended to meet with Marco Pellanda in person.

    Investment recommendation

    Marco Pellanda’s work is expensive, but worth every Euro, Dollar or Franc. His prices have been rising in parallel with a very successful career and will continue to do so in the future.

    71 objects are owned by international collectors around the globe, coming from cities such as Moscow, Geneva, Zurich, Munich, Hamburg, Birmingham, Alabama or New York.

  • Stanko Zecevic

    Stanko Zecevic


    Montenegrin painter

    Stanko Zecevic, born in 1954 in Montenegro, is professor of painting since 30 years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Stanko Zecevic won the hearts of international collectors for his creations – even during the Yugoslavian Wars. He proved that art is a trailblazer for democracy, free from political context and independent in expression. Characterized by Flemish, Italian and the German Renaissance, in love with the nature of Montenegro he creates unique compositions which are perfected with his precise brushwork skills.

    In Stanko’s artistic, metaphysic and allegoric expression small influences of the Romantic can be found, moved by the thoughts of an everlasting renaissance. In his figurative, often lascivious portrayal of women in the typical genre context of the French intimacy, he combines the perfection of being and representation.

    In his work, art serves its mission to make something better out of the world and to fill it with deep content.


    Many international exhibitions, his work enriches collections globally.

    Investment recommendation

    His work are of lasting and permanent value. The current prices are very favourable.




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