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Meet The Artists

  • Ivo Rossi Sief

    Ivo Rossi Sief


    Italian Painter.

    Born 1949 in Innichen, Italy, he began to study psychology in Innsbruck and architecture in Venice. The stadium at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under professor Gustav Peichl, Josef Mokl, Max Weiler, Maximilian Melcher and the cooperation with Giselbert Hoke as well as the encounter with Professor Clemens Holzmeister shaped his artistic development.

    The object

    Ivo Rossis pieces have many layers and levels. It starts with a consistend colouring. Again and again he almost obsessively commits himself to a series kept in a certain colour, which he lays on layer after layer. On that, abstract elements paired with small figures are applied, which Rossi pulls outbrings up from their hideouts into the light of day and thus giving them significance. The object is topped off with messages, the artist writes by himself. The viewer is forced to move very close to the art piece, observing it literarily in a bent position, almost diving into the picture.

    The numerous levels and messages and the strong charisma of his pictures will mesmerize the audience and make the room shine.

    Life and work

    Rossi Siéf initially studied psychology in Innsbruck and architecture in Venice. His study at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under the professors Gustav Peichl, Josef mikl, Max Weiler, Maximilian Melcher and the collaboration with Giselbert Hoke as weill as the encounter with Clemens Holzmeister coined his artistic development.

    Solo exhibitions, joint exhibitions and projects (selection)

    Copious exhibition presence/participation 1976-2014

    Art in architecture:

    1996 – 2007:

    Composition of glass windows for Health Service Klobenstein

    Composition of glass windows for the South-Tyrolean Savings Bank branch in Klobenstein

    Composition of glass windows of municipal buildings in Klobenstein

    Wall design of “The House of Culture Ritten/Klobenstein”

    Wall painting of an administrative building of the South-Tyrolean Fruit Association in Terlan

    Investment recommendation

    When buying one of Ivo Rossi’s objects one can only win. It is reasonable, thrilling and beautiful.


    1980 Städtische Landes_Galerie, Bozen (die Erste)

    1981 Galerie Academia, Salzburg

    1982 Galerie Contact (Kabinett), Wien

    1984 Tiroler Kunstpavillon, Innsbruck

    1990 Arbeit an den 30 Bildern für das Buch "Schloss Prösels : Text- und Bildimpressionen".

    1991 Galerie „il Sole“, Bozen

    1993 Galerie Maier, Innsbruck

    1993 Autorengalerie I, München

    1994 Galerie Prisma des Künstlerbundes, Bozen

    1995 Palazzo Todeschi, Rovereto

    1997 – 1998 Projekt Malkunst und Poesie „Quattro mani“ mit dem Schriftsteller Joseph Zoderer

    1998 Ausstellung „I.R.Siéf-J.Zoderer“ Galerie Maier, Innsbruck

    1998 Museum Klausen

    2000 Jubiläumsausstellung Künstlerverband Südtirol/Alto Adige

    2000 Galleria Leonardo

    2002 Italienisches Generalkonsulat/Kulturinstitut München

    2003 – 2008 Kunst am Bau

    2009 – 2010 „Abschieds“ Ausstellung Ita. , Ritten

    2009 (Herbst) - Teilnahme an „Sammellust - Werke aus der Sammlung Finstral“ des Hans Oberrauch - Meran (Ita.)

    2012 IGbildendekunst Galerie-Special edition-Hildegard Projekt/Wien

    2013 Innsbruck: Trypticon für Alfa

    2013 Bild BoConcept für Cafe lounge – ART'13 Ibk.

    2013 November, „Das Unerträgliche Der Wälle“ – Innsbruck

    2014 Juni , Triptychon für TILAK , Innsbruck

    2015 April - branding "Yarnbombing Group Austria"

    2015 Mai , Art-monopol , office-art_Vienna , Wien

  • Maja Obradovic

    Maja Obradovic


    Serbian Painter.

    Born in 1983 in Belgrade, Serbia, Maja Obradovic graduated in painting in 2007 from the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade as best student of her class. Since then she had numerous shows in Montenegro, Austria and Serbia.


    2004/05 Faculty of Fine Arts Award, Ljubica Sokic, painter and professor ALU, Belgrade

    2006/07 Great Academy Award “Rista i Beta Vukanovic, painters”

    2006/07 First Prize, 14th Biennale of student drawings in Serbia

    2006/07 First Prize, 12th Belgrade MINI-ART Scene Gallery Singidunum, Belgrade

    2008 First Prize for drawing, Vladimir Velickovic Foundation

    2008 Scholarship Award, Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral, Bad Ems, Germany

    The Work

    Maja Obradovic’s work belongs in museums. They are innovative, controversial, thrilling and honest., a relentless reflections of the artist’s soul. Maja delights her art-loving audience with small-scale delicacies of colossal monumentality.

    Investment recommendation

    The today reasonably priced pieces could soon become popular masterpieces.

    Solo Exhibitions

    2008 Fragile in an empty castle, Castle Balmoral, Bad Ems, Germany

    2008 La tristezza durera, Gallery Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade

    2008 The layers of memory, Gallery in House of Youth, Belgrade

    Group Exhibitions

    2005-07 Various student exhibits of drawings, sculptures and small objects, Belgrade

    2007 Belgrade in Budapest, The Net of Choises, Gallery IMPEX, Budapest

    2008 Belgrade with Budapest, Magazine Kraljevica Marka, Belgrade

    2008 New artists of ULUS, Serbian art society, Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade

    2008 Henkel Art Award, House of Legacy, Belgrade

    2008 Black & White drawings, ULUPUDS Gallery, Belgrade

    2008 International Miniature Art Scene, biennial of drawings, sculptures, paintings, Gornji Milanovac

  • Maximilian Fohn

    Maximilian Fohn


    Austrian painter.

    Born in 1965 in Bregenz. Studied architecture at the Technical University of Vienna and painting and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Numerous exhibitions in Austria, Switzerland and Taiwan.

    The Work

    It is quite appealing to focus on one painting of Maximilan Fohn, to see the perfect pairing of shape and color, a trait reminiscent of his studies of both architecture and art. The experience becomes, however trilling when looking at a larger body of work, as each piece fits so well with the rest.

    Following his work can become a riveting and addictive experience.  The endless play of color, combined with architectural elements makes one never want to leave the artist’s studio; his work is versatile, complex and deep. Once one starts to know more about who Maximilan Fohn is, the desire to go back and get lost in the fascinating sensations generated by his work becomes irrepressible.

    Investment recommendation

    The prices are reasonable and the work should considerably rise in value.