Meet The Artists

  • Franz Wolf

    Franz Wolf


    Austrian painter

    Franz Wolf was born in 1954 in Dornbin Austria and started to intensify with the art of painting in 1969 at the age of 15. The versatility of this art and life cosmopolitan can not be overseen. Franz Wolf, the traveller and the seeking through the time dimension and culture sphere expresses his impressions thorugh graphics, oil paintings, wood carving and mixed techniques. The precision pf the Berlin School in his brushwork paired with his ideology of the world results in metaphers full of hidden secrets. His work leaves the viewer with a lot of space to reflect and think about, his messages are deep and rich of substance.

    Artistic background

    1972 Award donated by the Federal State of Burgenland in the 13th Austrian Competition of Graphic Arts

    1978-80 Membership in different artist-groups

    1980-85 University of Fine Arts in Berlin, Department 1 (especially Life Drawing, class Prof. Peter Müller)

    from 1982 Membership in the Professional Association of Visual Arts,Berlin

    1982 Founding member of the association „Berlin Guild“

    1985 First prize in the art competition „Circus Pictures“ in Berlin

    1986 Founding member of the local artists’ initiative Neukoelln, Berlin

    since 1987 Membership in the collecting society that administers the secondary exploitation rights (Verwertungsgesellschaft Bild-Kunst) in Berlin

    1987 Artist in Residence by invitation from the City of Traben-Trarbach, D

    1988 Pleinair at the European Artists meeting in Zaanstadt/Amsterdam, NL

    1989 Artist in Residence by invitation from the City of Trier, D

    1990 Founding member of the  „Interest-group of Artists in Neukoelln”,Berlin

    from 1990 Graphic arts, prints – mainly produced in the House of Artists (Kuenstlerhaus) Bethanien, Berlin

    1993 Artist in Residence by invitation from the City of Wetzlar, D

    from 1995 Lithography in the „Werkstatt für künstlerische Lithographie“ Berlin-Treptow

    1996 Co-initiator and participant (exhibition) in a series of public events during the Austrian celebration of the “Millennium” in Berlin

    1999 Moved to Austria, opening of a Studio in Groedig near the City ofSalzburg

    from 2001 Art instruction given in the studio

    2002 Study trip throughout PR China

    2003 Study trip throughout Tunisia

    from 2003 Art instruction in Vorarlberg, Tyrol, and Salzburg

    2005 Expert advisor to higher education authorities: realization of a school-project to transform the Opera “Peter Grimes” by Benjamin Britten into painting on the occasion of the Salzburg Easter Festival 2005

    2005 Study trip and exhibition in Tokyo, Japan

    2006 Painting competition (Mozart-painted)-Students of the Musikum Groedig

    2006 Award of the professional title of "professor" by decision of the Federal Chancellor and the Federal President of Austria

    2007 Project “Absorberbemalen” with students of the Musikum Groedig

    2007 Founder of the "Groedig-Fall-Salon", an annual exhibition of Franz Wolf's students to present their works of art: 1st Fall-Salon

    2007 Painting and drawing with young in Groedig and Viehhausen

    2008 Art-Excursions with the students to Munich and Madrid

    2008 2nd Groedig-Fall-Salon

    2009 Art-Excursion with his students to London

    2009 3rd Groedig-Fall Salon

    2010 Study trips to Dubai, two exhibitions in Dubai

    2010 Art Excursions with the students to Munich and Berlin

    2010 4th Groedig-Fall-Salon in the gallery of the town of Groedig

    2010 4th Groedig-Fall-Salon in the gallery of the town of Groedig

    2011 Art-Courses in Bernried, Lake of Starnberg

    2011 Art-Excursion with the students to Paris

    2012 6th Groedig-Fall-Salon in the gallery of the town of Groedig

    2013 7th Groedig-Fall-Salon in the gallery of the town of Groedig

    2014 Exhibition in the castle of Landeck

    2014 8th Groedig-Fall-Salon in the gallery of the town of Groedig

    2014 8th Groedig-Fall-Salon in the gallery of the town of Groedig

  • Sid



    Austrian Pop-Art artist.

    Born 1964.

    The Work

    The biggest compliment Sid could ever receive was made by a university dean, who asked him to hold a lecture about pop-art to his students. While observing Sid’s work, however, he realized that this kind of art is not possible to teach. The complexities of his ;multifaceted and deep work are not something one can learn how to reproduce. From those words one would assume that the work is  hard to access, and that it is open for understanding only to a very small and highly erudite audience.

    However, the opposite is true, because the work has wide audience appeal, like a beautiful musical motif, easy to understand but hard to compose, or like beauty itself, impossible to define, but easy to see.

    Investment recommendation

    Sid is on his way to conquering the art world. His art works are unique and reasonably priced. No one buying them will ever regret it.

  • Danijela Gracner

    Danijela Gracner


    Serbian painter

    Born 1983.

    The Work

    In her studio, which she and her husband have turned into a paradise of sculptures and paintings, one cannot help it being impressed. Two kindred souls inspiring each other.

    The first question arising after seeing their work is ‘which museum owns them?’

    With her larger pieces, a series of colossal and heavy paintings, illustrating black figures on a black background, Danijela has achieved something fascinating, almost unbelievable:  under daylight or with proper lightning, the paintings will throw a bright and vivid shine onto the observer. 

    A broad variety of smaller-scale paintings testify to Danijela Gracners’ versatility and playful ease for developing new work.

    Investment recommendation

    Danijela Gracner is an insider’s tip. She is modest, a little reserved and young. So far, the prices are still low and do not reflect the true worth of her fabulous paintings.  







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