Meet The Artists

  • Slobodan Orescanin

    Slobodan Orescanin


    Born 1971 in Belgrade, Serbia, Slobodan Orescanin studied at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade from 1992 until 1994. In 2003, he graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He was a master scholar of Austrian artist Alfred Hrdlicka. Orescanin lives and works in Vienna as a freelance artist.


    • 2012 Symposium Trias, Neumarkt, Austria
    • 2011 Galerie ART-Com, Vienna, Austria
    • 2010 Palais Porcia, Bundeskanzleramt, Vienna, Austria
    • 2010 Galerie Sonnensegel, Vienna, Austria
    • 2009 09 ZUM QUADRAT, Linz, Austria
  • Maximilian Fohn

    Maximilian Fohn


    Austrian painter.

    Born in 1965 in Bregenz. Studied architecture at the Technical University of Vienna and painting and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Numerous exhibitions in Austria, Switzerland and Taiwan.

    The Work

    It is quite appealing to focus on one painting of Maximilan Fohn, to see the perfect pairing of shape and color, a trait reminiscent of his studies of both architecture and art. The experience becomes, however trilling when looking at a larger body of work, as each piece fits so well with the rest.

    Following his work can become a riveting and addictive experience.  The endless play of color, combined with architectural elements makes one never want to leave the artist’s studio; his work is versatile, complex and deep. Once one starts to know more about who Maximilan Fohn is, the desire to go back and get lost in the fascinating sensations generated by his work becomes irrepressible.

    Investment recommendation

    The prices are reasonable and the work should considerably rise in value.

  • Petr Fidrich

    Petr Fidrich

    Czech sculptor

    Born in 1964 in Karviná (Czech Republic),  Petr Fidrich attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He restored many stone elements on famous buildings all around the Czech Republic, among others also on the Týn Church (Týnský chram) in Prague and reproduced famous Czech works of art using the material stone (for example on the Charles Bridge in Prague). His works are found in many collections globally (also in the Würth Collection) and are present across all major public places in his home country.


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